St Louis and St Louis County consist of nearly 200 municipalities. That means there are 200 small cities within the larger St Louis region. Which have easy access to the highways?

 Which have historical walkable downtowns? Which are located near your medical facility?

Which have lower crime rates or higher school rating?

Which have small chic/hipster stores, or have luxury shopping?

I know the St Louis, and want to ensure you are in the community of your dreams. 

CLICK HERE for a list of St Louis County Municipalities

CLICK HERE for a list of St Louis City Municipalities

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There are so many hospitals, practices and university programs that you may be entering into. We understand the demand and pace set for students and physicians, so we want to make the transition to your new home as quick, easy and beneficial to you as possible. We will work around your crazy schedule and be on call FOR YOU! Zoe has worked with physicians that work as far west as Troy, MO and as far east as Maryville, IL. Physicians that take call at various hospitals within the SSM system and physicians that work at BJC and have to live within 10 minutes of the hospital. Regardless of where you are in training or your career, your needs will be individual to you. Zoe understands that and looks forward to helping.

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