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Find Your Tribe

Moving to St. Louis can be overwhelming while in this busy career and lifestyle. Juggling work-life and maintaining a social life is hard enough. Trying to create a social life out of scratch is even harder. Thankfully St. Louis has a lot of great ways to find your tribe, and maybe even a group of friends with similar schedules, lifestyles, ambitions, interests and even level of exhaustion.

  1. WUMCHA- This Washington University Auxiliary group provides multiple monthly activities for you to drop into. These interest groups include a book club, run club, ice cream socials, coffee meet ups, dinners out on the town and St. Louis attraction tours. (they even pay for drinks and food) A resident, fellow, or practicing attending (and/or their spouse!) of BJC/Wash U can join and enjoy these events. If you have kids, there are events every month for them as well. Check them out at WWW.WUMCHA.COM to learn more.

  2. Community Rec Centers- Most of the communities and municipalities have community centers. These locations host tons of events and gatherings for you to participate in.

  3. Join a gym!- Especially a gym that has group classes. Over time (Especially if you can attend at around the same time everyday) you can forge relationships that carry on outside of the sweaty four wall! Plus you get the added benefit of your daily dose of exercise!

  4. Facebook Groups- There are facebook groups in St Louis for just about every fandom and fanatic. Dungeons and Dragons your thing? There is a St Louis Facebook group for that. Do you love to run, Arch City Run Club is the perfect group for you. Movies, Reading, Running, Fishing, Hiking... You name it, and you can find your group of people to adventure with.

There are many more way to make friends, of course. These are just a few quick and easy way to try to find your like-minded tribe in your new and amazing city!

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