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Welcome to The Lou

The Lou

If you are looking at relocating to The Lou, I am ecstatic that you are here. This city is full of so much culture within its many neighborhoods and municipalities. Historical areas, beautiful brick homes, ranch-style suburbia, new build neighborhoods with all of the craftsman style charm, and 'urban chic' victorian village that will make you swoon. There are cities known for their trees and cities known for their food. If your passion is being outdoors, did you know St Louis has one of the largest urban parks in the USA? And it's located right in the heart of the city! And sports fans have the Cardinals and the Blues- you will leave any old misplaced favor for a team behind once you behold the glory of a pro sports stadium in STL. The fans are THE BEST after all :)

If you are moving here with a family, well then you are in luck. There are so many activities and adventures all over this county. The Magic House, the newly renovated Arch grounds, City Museum (not your normal museum, for sure), a FREE zoo, Grant's Farm, children's art museums, and coming soon- an aquarium!

The most amazing resource I have found is www.fun4stlkids.com. This website updates constantly with activities around the city for children in all age groups. Indoor, outdoor, free or otherwise, you will never run out of fun things to do with the kids.

Bring Kneepads
City Museum

Also, for the physician families moving to The Lou, it can often be difficult for the spouse to become connected within the community and groups. Luckily, there are some amazing groups and organizations, both for socializing and civic charities that you can become involved in.

WUMCHA is a Washington University program has acted as a support group to address the unique needs of spouses, partners, residents, fellows, and attending physicians affiliated with the Medical Center since 1982. (it is not limited to Wash U affiliated physicians and med students)

In addition, the local chapter of the AMA, SLMMS (St Louis Metro Medical Society) and SLMMSA- it's alliance for spouses, are both very active in St Louis. SLMMSA organizes

health education in inner city schools, hosting charitable events and lobbying for legislation, specifically to fight the opioid crisis.

Whatever brings you to St Louis, whether it is as a part of your medical journey, or a relocation for a different purpose, we are certain you can find people and activities you will love around every corner.

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